Demo 2016

by Repulsory

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released December 3, 2016



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Repulsory Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Weirdo
I avoid the streetlights. I look in your windows. I watch you take a bath
I go through your trash.

He's the weirdo
I can't keep my hands off my dick
He's the weirdo
I wander through your house. I like that i am sick
He's the weirdo
I knock on your door so i can get a peak inside. I drive around the neighborhoods to offer kids a ride. I wait until you leave for work.
I watch your wife clean while i jerk. You never know that i am there
I have all your underwear.

Fucked head. Should be dead. Kills your wife. Ruins your life

You see the weirdo? Start running for your life
He might be harmless, He just might have a knife.

He's a weirdo
Track Name: Dead As Shit
The news has spread that you are dead. Lives are shattered tears are shed. A lively body now bereft. An empty shell is all thats left

Prepared for an audience, Made up to look your best
Your funeral tux will cover up the stitching on your chest. Guts removed and stitched and glued and painted to look fresh. The waxen image of your life is mocking you in death.

Taken well before your time. Everything is left behind. Lonely in a 6 foot pit. In your casket, dead as shit.

In the box you lay. Lousy with decay. Those you've left behind. Will have no piece of mind

Dead as Shit.

Nothing anyone could do. The reaper came this time for you. Sad to say your time has come. You're food for worms in moribund and now you are dead as shit.
Track Name: Doomed
Open wide. The other side. There's something there. Resources to share.
In the name of science we proceed. Blinded by profits to reap. The bigger picture, no room. We've brought upon our doom

No regard for our people. The portal spews out evil. Containment breach is active. The loss of life is massive.

Life out on mars has always been such a chore, how lucky are we that we've opened this door? A case of the Mondays is nothing compared to the unreal torture that we all now share. Coworkers dissolved and turned inside out, unholy altars are scattered about. Halls decorated with offal and bone, this twisted portal was best left alone.

Phobos anomaly ripped open wide, in came the demons: i'm too young to die. Hurting me plenty, the blood has been shed, outbreak of evil, knee deep in the dead. By chainsaw and shotgun I fight for my soul, hallway by hallway I rack up a toll. The icon of sin does his unholy work, i mutilate monsters as I go berserk.